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Can a Web Designer Make $1 Million?

Episode 5

In my 15+ years as a professional website designer, I’ve learned how to make money while making clients happy. Now that I’m running my creative business full-time, it’s important to look ahead. In this episode, we’re talking big picture; what do I ultimately want this company to be? What do I want my future to look like? I’ve hit my initial monthly revenue goal on a consistent basis so now is the time to set new ones—BIGGER ones.

If you told me a few years ago that I’d be averaging $12k in revenue per month, I would’ve just about passed out in front of you. That’s SO much money! Now that I’m actually in the weeds of it, I realize that number isn’t quite what it seems. Figure 30% goes straight to taxes. Another couple thousand is earmarked for business expenses. What I’m left with is a good salary—and I’m proud of that. I built this all by myself with no formal business education. My BFA is pretty much the opposite of an MBA.

I have goals for my personal life that can’t be achieved if I remain on this path. For one, living this close to my margins is very stressful. A bad month or quiet season could wipe me out completely. I want to be more comfortable, financially. I can’t make strategic moves from a place of fear and desperation. I most certainly can’t save for my kids’ education, buy a vacation home, or pay off my house with my current revenue. I need to start bringing in the REAL bucks.

I want to grow my web design business into a million dollar powerhouse. Don’t you? Take the first step with me as I reflect on how I got here and what I need to do to get THERE!

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