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Episode 4

UI/UX freelancer, Tom Jepson lives in Nottingham, UK with his family. He loves horror movies and geeking out about coffee. What fills his cup more than finely-ground beans? Helping fellow creatives all over the world maximize their freelance potential.

In this episode of MMMW, we’re sitting down for a chat with Tom Jepson to discuss his thriving freelance business. With over 15 years of experience in the creative space, he’s picked up some priceless insights to share on our show. In addition to his accomplished career in user interface design, Tom is passionate about helping people like YOU build inspired, value-first businesses one step at a time.

Freelance is all about doing what you love, your way—and today we unpack a treasure trove of philosophical and mindset topics to get you there! To name a few…

  • Stepping into a strategic / advisory role with small business clients
  • Differentiating between Cost, Value, and Price
  • How UI and UX intertwine
  • The role of formal education your freelance journey
  • Changing careers to change your direction
  • Package pricing vs project pricing vs monthly retainer
  • Spotting “good fit” clients early on
  • Accountability (and contracts) in a client relationship
  • Growing the confidence to say no
  • Identifying your reason for freelancing
  • Investing in coaching and mentorship

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