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Enfold Modern Demo

Solid page builder

Enfold’s no-nonsense drag & drop tools are like a designer’s toy box for creating gorgeous, responsive websites.

Frequent updates

The publisher is constantly working to update and improve the theme. They’re always on top of bug reports and feature requests.

Active community

Being one of the most popular themes in the world has its perks. Any question you have has likely already been answered.

Enfold for Freelancers

When I began making websites on a freelance basis, the first few were straight-up HTML projects. I quickly learned that using WordPress was a much more efficient way to build and maintain websites. For the longest time, I would begin a project by searching Envato for a relevant theme. If the client was a dentist, I would try to find a dental practice template. This resulted in chaos as I had to manage dozens of different themes by several different publishers.

Then I discovered Enfold—a beautifully simplistic all-in-one theme that can be adapted to any client; any industry; any purpose. I’ve been using it almost exclusively ever since and haven’t looked back. Save yourself years of headaches and make Enfold the centerpiece of your production workflow now!

Why I Love Enfold

Fellow freelancers, I’ve said it a hundred times… you cannot run a web design business without going all-in on a preferred WP theme. Otherwise, you’re managing several sites using several templates by several developers. You essentially have to re-learn the interface every time you log in. That’s not an efficient way to live. Find yourself an all-in-one theme like Enfold, Divi, X, Betheme, or Bridge—and learn it inside & out.

The fine folks at Kriesi really outdid themselves with the development of Enfold. I’ve worked with enough of the alternatives to know this WordPress theme is a special class of awesome. In fact, the site you’re reading right now was made with Enfold, of course.

First of all, the Theme Options interface in WP Admin is really cool. It allows you to define pretty much all of your site-wide settings like color scheme, fonts, headers, footers, page layout, performance, privacy, and SEO. I love that this isn’t tucked away in the Customizer panel like some other themes. I also appreciate that it “feels” like an integrated part of WordPress. It doesn’t try to impose its own branded experience on you. If you’re a beginner looking for a head start on a project, it also includes over 35 importable demos. These are ready-made sites you can simply swap out the content for and launch without breaking a sweat.

When creating and editing pages or posts, you have the option to use default Gutenberg or Avia Layout Builder. Personally, I always opt for Avia. It is by far my favorite page builder out there. I have plenty of experience with Elementor, WPBakery, and Beaver Builder. They each have their strengths and advantages, but I firmly believe Avia just does it best. Again, no frills or crazy distracting interface.

Drag & drop modules allow you to create columns, grids, text blocks, buttons, promo boxes, progress bars, galleries, timelines, accordions, tabs and more with ease. Each element has its own set of configuration options as well. Oh, and I think Enfold does responsive columns better than anyone.

I’d be hard pressed to come up with any critiques for this theme. I will say the builder elements have come a long way. Now we can do most of the cool show-off design details you see on all the trendy sites. There was a time the functionality was a bit more basic and static. My knowledge of CSS has always helped me close any gaps between what I wanted and what it offered.

Last but not least is the community. Enfold boasts over 300,000 active sites. Developers, designers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and hobbyists across the globe rely on this theme—and we’re all passionate about making it the best it can be. This means when you Google a question or seek help in the forums, you’re very likely to find a solution. We’re in good company with Enfold!

If you can dream it, you can build it using Enfold. No matter what industry your client is in or what wacky requests they make, this framework has the flexibility and capability to do it all. Enfold is the last WordPress theme you will ever need.


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