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Lightweight interface

Both the web and mobile apps are powerful, yet easy to navigate.

Payment processing

Securely accept all major credit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal.

Simplified bookkeeping

View and download integrated reports to make tax day a breeze.

Business Management for Freelancers

Early in my freelance journey, I kinda flew by the seat of my pants when it came to “backoffice” stuff. I used a free invoice generator for billing, spreadsheets to manage who owed what, and dirty napkins for project quotes. It was messy. When I went full-time in 2019, I started getting more serious about systems and processes. After comparing my options, I landed on a lesser-known tool called AND.CO (it has since become Fiverr Workspace). The price was right and it streamlined all my clunkiness into one simple dashboard. Needless to say, this has become the backbone of my entire business ever since.

Why I Love Fiverr Workspace

There are two tabs that never close on my browser: Email and Fiverr Workspace. Every single facet of my freelance empire is managed seamlessly through this integrated ecosystem. For years, I would waste so much time and effort doing invoices, proposals, and contracts manually. Collecting and tracking payments was a circus too. In my defense, I was a one-man show making websites on the side for extra money. I didn’t think I needed business management software. Let me tell you, I wish I had done it much sooner.

BTW, this is a Fiverr product but it’s totally separate. You don’t need to be a Fiverr seller to use it.

Before we dive into all the cool features, I wanna touch on the biggest win you’ll experience when you adopt Fiverr Workspace: professionalism. I cringe looking back at how rinky dink I must’ve seemed to my clients. Now, I come across as a legitimate, trustworthy “big boy” business—which has helped me grow in untold ways. It makes me look good on a daily basis. If you don’t take your own company seriously, neither will your clients.

We’re talking about a super easy app for invoicing, tracking time, collecting payments, creating proposals, sending contracts, storing receipts, and managing income & expenses. I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t take advantage of half the features available—and that’s okay! Fiverr Workspace doesn’t get in the way of how you want to run your business. The tools you do use all talk to each other for an impressively intelligent user experience overall.

One thing that really drew me to this platform was the subscriptions capability. I have a number of clients who pay me a flat fee monthly, quarterly, or annually. Fiverr Workspace handles all of the recurring payments for me. It’s totally automatic. I love how they work with the client on my behalf when a credit card is declined or expired. I don’t have to lift a finger or send an awkward email!

I mentioned how this tool helps me look legit to my clients. One way in particular is the branded invoices and receipts. I was able to add my logo, color scheme, notes, and fine print to the templates. These little touches go a long way toward instilling confidence about your service and charges.

On the few occasions I’ve reached out to their support team, they’ve been really friendly and helpful. I kinda wish it was live chat, but it’s more of a messaging system disguised as chat. Still, a real human being responds in reasonable time.

Is Fiverr Workspace a perfect solution? Nope. It’s darn close though. If I were in the mood to nitpick, I could think of 3-4 features I wish they would add. Every now and then, I experience minor tech glitches that seem to resolve themselves quickly. I definitely get the vibe they are always improving and updating the app. The entire interface is elegant and minimalistic. There’s little to no learning curve to get rolling. Best of all, my accountant LOVES the statements it spits out at the end of the year (she says I’m a breath of fresh air). There truly is beauty in simplicity.


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